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Use the service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") provided on the website operated by Japan Spread (hereinafter referred to as "our company") (hereinafter referred to as "our site") We will establish the terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") as follows.

Terms of service
This agreement shall be applied to all matters related to using this service.
If you use this service, you are deemed to have accepted this agreement.
Change of contract
We can change this agreement without prior notice or consent to the user.
Use of this service
The user shall be able to use this service in accordance with these Terms and the instructions set by the Company.
The user shall assume all responsibility for the information transmitted by the user through this service and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company.
In connection with the use of this service, if the user gives damage to another user, third party or right holder, or if the user gives a dispute with another user, third party or right holder In case of occurrence, the user shall resolve it with his / her own expense and responsibility, and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company.
If the user is a minor, the use of this service requires consent of parental authority.
Regarding the privacy of users, we will rely on "personal information protection policy".
User registration
When you use this service, you can register as a member by the form prescribed by our company.
When registering this service, you will register truthful and accurate data on yourself. At that time, we will not do any false application. Registration of this service shall be registered once for each user. In addition, if it is found that the member registrant has been suspended or canceled by membership due to violation of the terms of use in the past, or violation of the terms of use of our company company company, etc., the registration content of the registrant is false If the matter is included, we may not approve the registration if we decide that it is inappropriate to approve other registration applications.
The user shall promptly notify in accordance with a method separately specified by the Company when a change occurs in the address, name, telephone number, e-mail address or other application information registered in this service.
Users can choose whether or not to send advertisements (e-mail magazine) from our company by e-mail at the time of registration. However, information that seems to be beneficial to the user, such as guidance on how to use our products, booking service, products etc, or information that seems to require notification or contact is sent by e-mail, postal mail or telephone We may notify you. For those who wish to stop shipping information magazines / materials, please contact the "inquiry window".
Internet member ID and password management
The user shall use this service by using the Internet member ID and password registered by the user himself / herself.
The user assumes all responsibility for the management and use of the Internet member ID and password set by the user him / herself.
The user shall not use the Internet member ID and password by third parties, transfer, lend, change name, disclose etc at their own risk.
Any disadvantage, damage, alteration, etc. by the use of the Internet member ID and password by a third party, etc. shall assume any responsibility for the user holding the ID, and we shall assume no responsibility.
If the Internet member ID and password are leaked or it is found by a third party that the user is using it, the user shall immediately notify the Company to that effect.
The user shall recognize the risk of leakage etc. due to the act of sending the credit card number, etc. and use it under the responsibility of the user when using this service.
Prohibited items
In using this service, the user shall not perform the following acts.
In case of violating prohibited acts, we may be liable to criminal penalty liability and damages liability by criminal law, unlawful access prohibition law, trademark law, copyright law, private commercial law etc.
Acts of using information on this service, information, products etc. regardless of profit or non-profit without obtaining prior consent from our company
Act of registering false contents at the time of member registration
Acts that impede the operation of this service, other acts that may interfere with this service
Acts that interfere with our business
Use or order this service for profit or resale, its preparation
Acts that infringe trademark rights, copyrights, privacy or other rights, or acts that fear them
Acts of using this service by misuse of credit card
Acts of using this service by misuse of personal information of others
Act to write information that is contrary to facts, information that is meaningless, etc
Acts contrary to public order and morals, acts in violation of other laws, or acts that may be those Tampering with information on our company or this service, or information provided through this service Acts of sending or writing harmful computer programs etc.
Other acts that we deem inappropriate
Stop this service to users and delete membership registration
Regarding users for whom the user violated these Terms or for any user who we deem not inappropriate, we will restrict, suspend or cancel the provision of this service without notifying the user in advance We shall be able to do.
In the past, when it is found that the member registration has been canceled due to violation of this usage agreement etc. In the past, when it is found that membership registration has been suspended / canceled due to violation of our Terms of Service or our company's violation of our Terms of Service
Delay in fulfillment of payment obligation such as fee for this service and other defaults
In the case of conducting the act of "prohibited item"
In addition, in case of violation of this agreement
About using cookies
On this site, we use "Cookie (cookie)" to provide the best service to our customers.
We may refer to cookies by utilizing Cookie data as our marketing data or by entrusting it to a third party such as Yahoo! JAPAN.
Cookie is data that identifies your computer and does not contain any personal information.
Normally, you can disable cookies by changing browser settings, but in that case, we may not be able to use this service on our site normally. Other notes
We refuse to order products for profit, resale, and preparation.
Even if the products offered by the Company are sold at auction site, trader, individual site etc, we can not have any responsibility.
Copyrights or trademark rights and other intellectual property rights relating to contents (images, illustrations, texts etc.) on this site go back to the past from the present and all belong to us or other legitimate copyright holders .
Therefore, it is prohibited to reprint, copy, reuse without permission of our company.

Regarding information gathered from us by our company, we are assumed to have been granted the right to use this, and may be posted on the newsletter magazine, leaflet, WEB, etc.
Transfer of rights
You can not transfer the right to receive this service or any other rights that are permitted to you.
Purchase items
Users can purchase products using this service. If you wish to purchase a product, you will purchase it according to the order procedure specified by us. Regarding the purchase of the catalog item, we will purchase it according to the order procedure described in the catalog. payment
With regard to payment amount and payment method in this service, it shall comply with each product application form and usage guide. In the case where the user pays with credit card, the user shall comply with the separate contract terms with the card company. If any dispute arises between the user and the credit card company or the like, it shall be resolved by both parties and the Company shall not bear any responsibility.
Information management
If we decide that the information to be posted on this site is necessary, we will be able to delete the contents to be sent (transmitted) through this service or change the placement place. The Company's right to delete includes the right to delete content that violates these terms and content that we deemed to be problematic.
Stop service
When operating and managing this service, the Company shall be able to change / add / stop / cancel this service without prior notice or consent to the user in the following cases. In addition, we are not responsible for damages suffered by the user due to the suspension, change etc. of this service.
When necessary for periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system
When it turns out that system operation became difficult due to natural disasters, fire, blackouts, disturbing acts by third parties, etc. In addition, when we judge it necessary
We shall be held in duty by processing office work in accordance with the user's registered contents.
If you are obliged to notify the user, please notify the user when purchasing the product by sending a notice to the e-mail address registered by the user in advance, and for delivery of our products We will fulfill our obligations by delivering the goods etc. to the destroyed destination.
Except as provided for in this Agreement and the Usage Guide etc., regardless of the damage caused by reasons unavoidable attributable to the Company's responsibility, whether or not the Company's foreseeability, disability arising from special circumstances, lost profits, and from third parties We do not assume the responsibility for damages of users based on claim of damages for damages.
In the event that any dispute arises between you or between the user and a third party with respect to the use of this service, the related user will resolve it with its responsibility and any troubles or damages Shall not be given.
In the case where the user changes the password, it shall be exempted by making a change by the prescribed method instructed by us.
Agreed jurisdictional court
In the event of a problem between the user and the Company, both parties shall resolve in good faith, in case it is difficult to solve and the necessity for litigation arises, the Fukuoka District Court shall be held by the court of competent jurisdiction will do.
If you are liable for damages due to non-payment of the purchase and sale price by the user or any other act of violation of this Agreement and we use a lawyer to collect the claim, we will also be responsible for the attorneys fee based on the attorneys remuneration provision.
As a general rule, contact method between us and the user shall be by e-mail or telephone.
Governing law
Regarding the establishment, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of this agreement, it conforms to Japanese law.
Display on distributor
Based on the law concerning Specified Commercial Transaction, the distributors of this site are as follows.

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  Japan Spread
  Yuya Iida

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