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Amazake is a hot topic for beauty and health.
A powdered drink made by fermenting eight kinds of grain malt, including brown rice, which is rich in dietary fiber.
It is a luxurious drink containing yeast, lactic acid bacteria and enzymes of koji.
Non-alcoholic, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners. You can take in yeast, yeast, 20 kinds of lactic acid bacteria, 11 kinds of vitamins and dietary fiber. You can enjoy it in various ways such as mixing it with other drinks.

raw materials.
Soluble fiber, fructose, sake lees powder, brown rice koji powder, salt, grain koji, foamed koji powder, yeast, pasteurized lactic acid bacteria, spore-spore lactic acid bacteria, processed starch, thickener (guar gum), sweetener (stevia), V.C, V.E, niacin, pantothenic acid Ca, V.B1, V.B6, V.B2, V.A, folic acid, V.D, V. B12, (some of the ingredients include milk)

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