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Effects: Heat (42℃), magnetic, vibrational treatment. Pinpointed care for all those body parts you feel uncomfortable like eyes and mouth. Belulu Triple Rich Buster uses its magnetic functions to push in beauty products into the skin resulting in glowing effects. The vibrant function starts automatically when the product in on contact with the skin. It vibrates 158 times per minute stimulating the skin you want to take care of. It will create the perfect environment for major absorption up to the outer layer of the skin. The heat (42℃) will help stimulate cells repair in a process called Heat Shock Protein (HSP) resulting in a tighter, brighter skin. The buster is USB rechargeable so you can carry it in your cosmetic bag and use it anywhere. It is also very hygienic thanks to included cap. Recommended when you are out or at work and need a refreshment. Just take off the cap, choose the preferred mode (only vibration or vibration + heat) and it is ready to use!
Be sure to hold the activation bar when using (if this part is not held, it will not turn on the vibrations.)
Serial Number: KRD1053/PK
Content: Body, USB charging cable, instruction manual
Ingredients: [Head material] Stainless steel, [Main body material] ABS resin
Size: H (height) 128 mm x W (width) 20 mm x D (depth) 20 mm
Weight [g]: 48
Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: Beautiful Angel
Handling Precautions:
・This product is not waterproof. Do not use in the bathroom or humid places.
・Avoid using it on sensitive parts of the skin.
・Remove the batteries when not using.

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