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A condom with an even thinness of 0.02mm all over. Made using a new material recommended for those with latex allergies that uses water-based polyurethane. As this material is transparent enough for you to see skin beneath and conducts heat well, it provides a soft, room temperature fit.
Contents: 6
Ingredients/Materials: polyurethane
Size: 12.5cm x 2.5cm x 7.5cm
Weight (item only)[G]: 25
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Manufacturer Name: Okamoto
Handling Precautions:
・Use 1 condom per time. Use a new condom each time.
・Be sure to read the instruction manual before use.
・When condoms are used properly, they are effective for contraception and reduce the danger of becoming infected with many sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. However, these effects are not 100% guaranteed.

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