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As your child can drink using the same mouth movements as they do when drinking from the breast, this is easy to use in combination with the breasts and assists in smooth breastfeeding. Made of heat-resistant glass. A wide opening type that is easy to wash and easy to prepare milk in.
Materials/Ingredients: [Hood, Cap] polypropylene, [Nipple] synthetic rubber (silicone rubber), [Bottle] borosilicate glass
Size: (approx.) Width 10 x Height 20 x Depth 10cm
Contents: 240ml
Weight (item only)[G]: 190g
Weight (including packaging materials)[G]: 260g
Made in Japan
Manufacturer: Pigeon
Handling Precautions:
・Be sure to wash and sterilize before using for the first time.
・When washing the feeding bottle, scourers containing abrasives, metal scourers and cleansers may cause scratches so do not use them. This is also related to breakage.
・Be sure to sterilize before use.
・Glass Bottle: Impacts caused by dropping or hitting can cause breakage.
・Whenever you use, check to see that there are no cracks or scratches, as well as chipping, especially at screw areas.
・When it breaks, flying fragments and sharp edges may cause significant injury.
・Impacts caused by dropping or hitting can cause breakage, so handle with care.
・When using prepared milk, be sure to use water that has boiled and then cooled to above 70 degrees. In winter, the feeding bottle becomes cold. Therefore, suddenly putting in boiling water may cause breakage and burns.
・When cooling, sudden cooling using iced water etc. may cause breakage.
・Be sure to gradually cool using running water or a bowl filled with water.
・Whenever you use, check to see that there are no cracks or scratches (especially small scratches and chips around the screw areas). If there is a scratch or chip, it may break or cut your hand, so replace item with a new one.
・Never allow children to hold this themselves. It may break if it falls over or is dropped.
・When preparing milk, the feeding bottle will become hurt. Be careful not to burn yourself.
・Do no prepare milk while next to the baby. There is a risk of burning them.
・Be sure to check milk or beverage temperature before feeding. There is a risk of burns.
・After boiling or microwave disinfecting, the bottle will be hurt so be careful not to burn yourself.
・When preparing milk, should you shake the feeding bottle vertically, its content may eject out and cause burns. Also, if you put on the hood, the inside pressure of the feeding bottle may increase due to high temperatures and the content may leak or be ejected out.
・Feeding Bottle: For the purpose of feeding breast milk and other drinks to a baby. Do not use for any other purpose.
・Feeding Bottle Measurement Scale: To be used as a guide when preparing milk. For more accurate measurements, use a measuring cup or measuring spoon.

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