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The moist and soft texture makes the furikake blend well with rice.
You can taste the genuine and authentic taste of the ingredients.
Soft chicken mincemeat simmered in ginger soy sauce is combined with fluffy egg mincemeat.
The flavor of the chicken mincemeat can be felt, and it will make your rice taste better.

Raw materials
Soy sauce, vegetable protein, vegetable oil and fat, egg products, sesame, chicken, chicken powder, sugar, extracts (dried bonito flakes, yeast, chicken), flavored oil, dextrin, salt, starch, chicken fat, reduced sugar candy, spices, onion powder, sorbit, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), trehalose, cellulose, processed starch, color (caramel, carotenoids), bulking agent, antioxidant (rosemary extract, vitamin E), (contains egg, wheat, sesame, soybean, chicken)

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