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Merries Sarasara Air Through (6-11kg) 42 sheets, tape closure type, size M-49020240605001 Kao Merries 

Age group Infant

Number of units 42 sheets

Product Dimensions 22 x 12.5 x 41 cm

Product weight 1342g

Country of origin Japan

Product Description

Please change it frequently and wipe off any remaining poop on the skin. If any skin problems occur, discontinue use and consult a physician. Keep out of reach of children to prevent them from putting diapers or outer packaging in their mouths. The color of the pee-pee sign may change in parts under humid conditions even when not in use, but this is not a problem for use. The color may not change easily under the influence of sunlight. Do not place the product in high temperatures, such as near a heater, as it may deform or discolor. The color of the exterior may fade, so please be careful not to get detergent, etc. on it. If washed by mistake, after dehydrating the clothes, swipe off any pulp or jelly-like particles on the clothes and remove any remaining inside the washing machine. Jelly-like particles are the result of the polymer absorbent material absorbing moisture and swelling. The safety of the polymer absorbent used in Merries has been fully confirmed. After use Please dispose of stools on the diaper in the toilet. Do not dispose of disposable diapers in the toilet. Roll the soiled part inward and dispose of it in a manner that is not unsanitary. Take your diapers home with you when you go out. Please follow your local rules on how to dispose of used diapers (burnable/non-burnable trash). About the “cutout” in the inseam There is a small cut on the inseam of Merry's Pants as shown in the figure, This is caused when the elastic around the legs is cut during the manufacturing process. The inner waterproof sheet is not cut, so there is no leakage from here.

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