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This fragrance can be easily enjoyed anywhere - place it in a closet, at the entrance of your home, in a bedroom, in a car, etc. It can be used both placed down and hung up. With a unisex amber-wood-style Luxury Relax fragrance.

・Remove item from bag and use in your location of preference such as a room.
・It can be placed on a shelf etc., or your can also tie a ribbon to it and hang it in a closet, to a doorknob etc.
・Its fragrance lasts for approx. 1 week.
Contents: 20g
Ingredients/Materials: vermiculite, fragrance
Size (cm): 19 x 12 x 2
Weight (item only)[G]: 48
Made in China
Manufacturer Name: NatureLab
Handling Precautions:
・So that it doesn't directly contact walls, furniture, cloth, leather, resin areas etc., be sure to leave a gap of more than a few centimeters. Otherwise, there is a chance that deterioration such as staining and cracks will occur. Should it come in contact, quickly wipe away with a cloth etc.
・Do not open up the item.
・This item contains lots of fragrance. Therefore, please note that, if the content comes into contact with sensitive skin, it may cause a rash.
・When using in a car, do not hang in a place where it will interfere with driving operation, field of vision, air bag deployment etc.
・Do not use on the human body.
・This is not a food. Be careful of accidentally ingestion.
・Take special care where you store this and when handling this so that it isn't touched by children.
・Do not place near fire as it may ignite.
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Do not store in places with high temperatures & humidity or in direct sunlight.

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