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A transformer to use Japanese home appliances overseas.
USB output terminal for charging digital audio devices. (0.5A) *A separate USB cable is required.
Compact and lightweight.
The cord can be wound around the body for easy storage.
Two output outlets for two appliances at the same time.
Built-in blue power indicator.
Built-in thermal protector for safety.
For continuous use (30 minutes or more), do not exceed 80% of the rated capacity.
Products that generate heat (e.g., irons) and products with rotating motors (e.g., hair dryers) require a rated capacity of at least three times the power consumption.
Do not use this product for medical equipment.
This product is not for use in Japan.
In countries where the voltage is AC110-130V, Japanese electrical appliances up to 85W (total of 2 outlets) can be used.
It can be used with Japanese electrical appliances up to 40W (total of two outlets) in countries where the voltage is AC220-240V.

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