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Please check the voltage when using this product.
A transformer may be required depending on the region you live in.
Please be sure to check the voltage before using this product, as we cannot handle any problems that may arise if the voltage is not correct.

This is a stationary type home oxygen generator that can be used securely.
The concentration can be adjusted to suit your needs (high concentration & high flow rate).
You can use it to relax at home, while working or studying, or a measure against coronavirus.

[Precautions for use]
Oxygen is a flame-retardant gas and should be kept away from cigarettes and other open flames. It may ignite the tube or clothing, resulting in serious burns.
Do not place stoves, gas stoves, altar candles, incense sticks, cigarettes, or other open flames within 2 meters around the device.

*This product is a health care device. This product is not a medical device as defined by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.
*Be sure to consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant or have a chronic illness.
*This product is not for use in home oxygen therapy (HOT) as determined by a physician at a medical institution.

Model number: RS-E1837
Size: H31 x W34 x D18cm
Package: H36 x W38.4 x D23.6cm
Product weight: approx. 6kg
Country of manufacture: China
Power supply: External power supply system
Material: ABS
Oxygen concentration: 30-90%.
Oxygen flow rate: 7L to 1L
Rated voltage: 100 - 110V
Rated frequency: 50-60Hz
Rated power consumption: 120W
Oxygen generation method: PSA method
Noise: 45dB

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